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Capsule is an electronic duo on the contemode label, a label started by the band’s producer Nakata Yasutaka. They made their major debut in 2001 with Yamaha Music. Their music has included elements of all sorts of styles, including French pop, bossa nova, lounge house, and synth-pop.capsule formed in November 1997 after Nakata and Koshijima met at the TEENS’MUSIC FESTIVAL Hokuriku area convention. Their first single was “Sakura” in March 2001 on Yamaha Music. Their first album is significantly different from any of their later works in that it doesn’t involve near as much synth or contain a futuristic/electronic sound.


Pittsburgh native Laurel Munshower left Steel City when she hopped on a plane to Dubai — and hasn’t looked back. Her travel writing is offbeat and thoughtful, and will help you flesh out your own travel bucket list.

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We woke Sunday to chilly temperatures and strong winds: awesome weather for a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. We bundled up (though not warmly enough) and rode the subway to the southern tip of Manhattan to catch the first ferry of the day. Our tickets were for 9AM, but we were through security […]

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Krystal Goderitch is the best clone of all of them. The best. The absolute best. She is a gift, I swear to god. The minute she steps onscreen with her big hair, outlandish clothes, and voice like a can opener, you just know things are going to get hilarious. Adjectives fail me when I attempt […]

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