OPSS3.COM 부산건마 오피쓰 부산오피

APO Hiking Society lifted up the spirits of the Filipino people through their Filipino songs of love and social political issues. The group had written and sung different songs, from songs of love to songs for political awareness. These songs made APO unique and popular, which later on made several artists have tried imitating their style of presenting songs and issues in an optimistic manner. They took part in the first and second EDSA Revolution through entertaining the crowd and singing songs that present different issues like corruption and tyranny of the government. Their most popular songs were ‘American Junk’ that rejects the idea of colonial mentality, ‘Bakit ang babae’ which talks about the stereotype attitudes of girls, and ‘Salawikain’, a song of compiled sayings in Filipino. Up to present, APO has lifted the Filipino music to the international crowd by holding concerts in the U. S and the other parts of Asia.


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